From the comfort of your lounge room with a small group of friends to filling up a conference centre...


These events are perfect for the person who is fed up with their current diet and lifestyle choices

Fed up with living life at half potential

Feeling sluggish and in need of a good cellular cleansing or detox

Those sick of crash diets that offer little or no support through the tough times

Those fed up with poor health and not knowing how to improve it

For the people who are sick of being sick and tired, all of the time

Fed up with counting calories or getting no results in the gym

For the gym goers who just don't recover well

For the people who want convenient macro balanced nutrition without days of meal prep 

For the people who are at their wits end with the nutritionally bankrupt food system.


Come and hear from our amazing speakers, the REAL people with REAL results and all their hot tips on health, fitness, nutrition, and how implementing cellular cleansing with nutritional supplementation alongside a healthy diet can help you achieve your health, wellness and body goals.