It's no secret that there are about a billion and one different ‘diets’, ‘fads’, ‘pills’, ‘procedures’, ‘nutrition plans’ and ‘exercise routines’ floating around that claim to help you lose weight, and many of them will. But let’s be honest. Usually any drastic weight loss is temporary. The question is whether you can lose weight while maintaining optimal health. Unfortunately, more often than not, losing weight with such plans is at the expense of fluid loss, or is achieved by removing whole food groups and thus further depleting an already nutrient depleted diet, excessive calorie counting and decreasing much needed muscle mass. Then once you resume a normal eating pattern, the weight comes back on quickly, and sometimes even more than before.


Then, there's sticking to it! Usually, these options are quick fixes and not sustainable long-term solutions. So where does that leave you? 

It would be natural to wonder what any of this has to do with losing weight? Quite simply, when we are exposed to non-organic matter, toxins and a nutrient-depleted diet, our bodies just can't cope or function at an optimum level. Our filters can't get rid of the bad stuff as quickly as we're exposed to it and we can’t get in enough nutrients to provide us with energy and keep our hunger satisfied. Even with the most balanced, healthy, organic, vegan, raw, whole food, clean as a whistle diet and all the correct quantities, the nutritional value just isn't what it needs to be. We’re still missing vital trace minerals and vitamins and, worse,




 What makes our program any different? The aim of this program is basically to reset your body and all the adverse effects of crash diets, calorie restriction, the environment in which we live and poor lifestyle choices. (We've all been there, no judgments here!) It is as close to a reset button as we can get. Plugging up all the nutritional deficits by offering a complete macro-nutrient balanced plan that will flood the whole body on a cellular level with top-quality, easily absorbable nutrients, essential good fats, complex carbs, fibre, top-quality undenatured protein, branched chain amino acids, pre- and probiotics, vitamins and minerals. It supports and supercharges the body’s natural toxin-filtering process, resulting in the use of stored fat as a main energy source, all the while nourishing and supporting the digestive system. 


It's a toxic world out there; with polluted air and tainted water, not to mention the pesticides and herbicides, cleaning chemicals, the topical beauty and body care chemicals, landfill, preservatives, mass farming and a serious lack of nutrients that our food once had. Even with an organic lifestyle, we can't guarantee that food still



has the nutritional value it had even 50 years ago. Scary, right? The compromising effects on our health are huge. Fact: ‘Every second, 309 kilos of toxic chemicals are released into our air, land and water by industrial facilities around the world.’ That's a whole separate issue right there! Unsurprisingly, our bodies become overloaded and under pressure, and our liver creates visceral fat to protect our organs from the toxins. These processes result in a sluggish system, heightened sensitivities, poor skin, low energy, higher stress and cortisol levels, hormone imbalance, mental fog, dull eyes, poor sleep… and a vicious cycle resulting in serious health issues.

we're not able to absorb what nutrients we are getting in, so we are left feeling constantly hungry and lethargic. All of this is the perfect context for regular cravings and the need for excess coffee or energy drinks.Which means our bodies not only won't release stored fat; they actually produce more for survival. Eeeek!

By taking the first step to a healthier body and life, you will start to feel better on new levels and be well on your way to weight-loss goals.

After all, beauty truly begins from the inside out.

"As a busy mum and an ambassador for foundational healthy eating, I love having convenient options to

supplement my already healthy lifestyle.

I'm healthier, I train better, I recover faster, I have more energy and I love helping others achieve their own health and body goals." 

-Nicky Gerbes, Founder, Collective 44